още един линк

още един линк, който си заслужава … не го оставяйте да ви заблуди!


…тенкс то Лъчо


Относно Tsvetelin Pavlov
... software engineer...

One Response to още един линк

  1. missylady12 says:

    You answered a question I posed on Live Q&A, regarding code writing. I\’m sorry, I totally didn\’t expect your\’e site to be in Romanian. I found this stuff on my computer after I accused someone of cheating online. I\’m fairly sure he\’s a programmer, or developer. and has either hacked me, and or put a virus in my computer. I also found some 20 pages of what looks like a program that runs a looping pattern, that disables my Windows, and my administrative capabilities. I am just an average 48 year old housewife that knew very little about computers until 4 weeks ago, when this started. I went searching for this guy with a vengenance, traced him via ISP addresses listed in the information I found. I don\’t think he expected my persistence, thought he could get away with it. Now I have something I\’m sure he wouldn\’t want anybody knowing about, especially Microsoft. I know I am going on, and on, and you probably think I\’m a nut, but, I would be more than willing to show you this information, If you could tell me exactly what it is. I have 68 pages in one packet, the 7 you know about, and 1 CD, containing the Looping program info. I have dumped my system, made a back up, re-formatted my hard drive, installed extra security, and obtained a private ISP with a wireless router. I am fairly sure the program is NOT running. I also have 3 programs I cannot open, saved onto a DVD, all in code. I have been busy securing my computer, which is why I haven\’t responded to your comments, and answers. You were the only person to answer with any intelligence, I am sorry about the long message, but am frustrated in my efforts to find an answer. If you are interested, please e-mail me at one or both of the addresses above. I CANNOT seem to  get my Messenger to run. Thanks for your interest.
                                                                                                                                                Mary A.  CA  USA

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